Introducing the country using unified tools is cheaper and more effective for everybody. This is the reason why most developed countries from Sweden to New Zealand use a unified system to introduce themselves.

Government agencies, business and other organisations have to also introduce Estonia when marketing and selling outside Estonia. For example, at trade exhibitions, meeting foreign partners, on webpages and other marketing materials. It is important that the message communicated outside would be clear and unified – only then will it be remembered. A clear image will help both tourism and the sale of Estonian products.

This webpage provides you with all the tools needed to introduce Estonia. Here you will find photos, videos, presentations, illustrations, icons and the official Aino typeface. As well as the guidelines how to use and combine these resources. It is all for free but be sure to read the conditions of use.

The Estonian brand platform was created in 2016 by the Estonian Design Team, a collaborative task force comprised of the best Estonian design and communication professionals.


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