Brand Estonia graphics are clear and light. A simple style makes it easy to create new images, illustrations and icons. Instead of complex and colourful pictures, this style uses a single colour and airy, unattached lines. The lines can branch out and intertwine with each other like tree roots in the soil.

illustrations and icons

  • When creating illustrations and icons, always use uniform colour and line thickness.
  • The line weight of the illustrations and icons should be the same as that of Aino Headline.
  • The main elements can be emphasised with simple colour filled shapes.
  • Lines may branch out, but never blend in with other lines or themselves. If two lines intersect, the rear line should be discontinued and later continued.
  • To create the illusion of perspective, use differently sized objects. Those in the foreground should be bigger than those in the back. The objects themselves do not have perspective.
  • Straight horizontal and vertical lines always run along the grid in order to ensure a clear image on paper and on screen.
  • Do not use digital effects such as drop shadow, glow, vignette etc.