It is essential that the photos and videos introducing Estonia are authentic and of highest quality. They help to display our core values — pure and contrasting nature, digital society and smart, independent-minded people. Here, you’ll find guidelines for producing and sourcing the images and videos that correspond to our visual language.

Our toolbox contains a selection of high-quality images that can be used only for promoting Estonia. Use of these photos for any other purpose — in a political or commercial context — is by permission only.

When in doubt, contact [email protected].


Authenticity means having the courage to be who you are. We don’t embellish things and we focus on what is unique about us. We only use photos and videos that are shot in Estonia or depict Estonian people, artworks, products, etc.

How to

We value the natural and the everyday to the ersatz. Prefer images that convey an intimate image of Estonia, whether it is architecture, food culture, local design, artists or boulders and bogs.

We come across as relevant, unique and authentic.


Sparsity means openness. It displays our pure nature and low population density, but also that there is lots of room to discover.

How to

Prefer spatial compositions with a clear fore- and background, which is emphasized by the objects and actions in the frame or by the depth of field. Nature shots should display fog and/or clouds if possible.

We create curiosity and invite people to discover.


Diversity displays the contrasts of our four voluptuous seasons and also our rich history. It conveys the layers of our culture – Estonia as a place in-between (east and west; nordic and rustic, etc) – and uses contrasts (big/small; sea/land; etc)

How to

Show contrasts: nature/technology, snow/soil, water/land, eastern europe/nordic, traditional/modern, digital/natural, typical/weird, boulders/fog.

Visual frictions, which are dynamic, memorable and representative of our environment.



If possible, always use natural lighting while filming or taking photos. If not, use artificial lighting unobtrusively. Plan the sessions into early mornings and late evenings, into the golden hour, for the sun to be low on the horizon and the light more beautiful. If the weather is against your plans to get foggy/cloudy pictures, get sun flare into the frame.


Avoid frames that are too colourful. Prefer desaturated colours and natural tones. Keep skin tones natural. Using a single tonality for photos and videos is off brand, as diversity needs to be showcased in every aspect, including the colours.


Do not use strong filters. If a filter helps the picture in terms of content, use it in a way that is not too dominant. Clear contrast means a clearer picture.


Always zoom out. Leave room for text on the sides and take into account that the images will have to have a lot of cropping space for use in various formats. Take both landscape and portrait format shots of the scene and do not forget about the details, which are essential for storytelling. Be experimental with edgy concepts.