For printing we use FSC certified paper manufactured from wood originating only from responsibly managed forests. The FSC certificate logo can be used on printed materials if the printing house also has appropriate certification.

Recommended papers:

Hand-outs, brochures, flyers:

Uncoated paper – Olin Design Regular Nordic White 90-400 g/m²

Coated matte paper – Arctic Volume white 90 – 300 g/m²

Corporate graphics:

Splendorgel Extra White 115; 270; 300; 340 g/m²


Splendorgel Extra White C65 (110×220 mm); C5 (162×229 mm); 170×170 mm

Formal invitations and cards – two color tones available:

Olin Origins, Chalk (white), Pebble (warm grey), Ceral(beige), Indigo (light indigo blue), Lava Stone

Envelopes – Olin Origins. C65 (110×220 mm); C5 (162×229 mm)


All these papers are FSC certified.