The primary goal of a shared trade fair stand is to clearly signal that it is the official stand of Estonia, rather than that of a single company. Leave out anything that is unnecessary. The visual language of Brand Estonia is simple, Nordic, and clever. We keep the designs uncluttered, making things easier to read and keeping the focus on their content.

  • Always use the word “Estonia” or the industry specific wordmark in the header.
  • Secondly, display the industry message.
  • Thirdly, bring out the companies and other organisations represented at the stand.
  • The colour Estonia Blue sets a clear and recognisable tone. For some industries or special cases – for example the food or timber industry or tourism – other colours can be used.
  • When designing a shared trade fair, keep in mind that the image of Estonia is also communicated through images. You will find suitable photos in the Brand Estonia toolbox. For industries with content and services hard to represent through photos – fintech, defence industry, etc. – we advise to use illustrations instead.

If you choose to create a custom design, contact us [email protected]

Wall graphics

Besides large state fairs Estonia is also represented at smaller exhibits with less space.

  • Always use industry specific wordmarks.
  • Bring out the industry message.
  • On limited space, name the partners and companies as text rather than with logos.

Gradients can be used to make sure the text is legible when placed over a photo.