Aino, a unique typeface by Estonian Design Team and Anton Koovit, is the official typeface for Brand Estonia. It is the most widespread and recognisable element of the Brand, communicating our ideas through all mediums – in print and on screen.

  • Aino Headline is used for headlines (min size 30 pt).
  • For sub-headlines and body texts, use Aino Regular and Bold.
  • Align all texts to the left.
  • Avoid over-emphasising the message – for example, when using a large sub-headline, do not use the bold cut of the typeface.
  • When using different sized texts, avoid small alterations between sizes – make the text significantly larger or smaller than in the rest of the design.
  • For emphasising the content and giving air to the design, use blank lines.
  • Choose a desired case style depending on the context and content of the published material but use only one type of case style (lower case; sentence case) throughout one project. In an informal context we prefer to use lowercase as it is friendly and egalitarian.

Aino typeface is available for Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. For Arabic alphabet use Shamel Round Light typeface instead of Aino Headline, and Dubai typeface instead of Aino Regular and Bold. For logographic systems, use Arial typeface.