The Digital Design System is meant to be used for introducing the state of Estonia in different digital environments (such as on the Internet and on applications) and it can be accessed on Figma.


Digital Design System is separated into 3 files for a faster loading time.

Styles & components

The main file that contains base styles (colors, typograpy etc.) and main components (form elements etc.)

Building blocks & content

This file provides a wide variety of larger components such as blog templates, header ideas and timelines.

Icons & illustrations

Icons are moving to this file and this becomes the main source. Meanwhile, all icons are available in Toolbox.

How get started

  1. Let us know that you are building a project using Brand Estonia UI kit. E-mail: [email protected]
  2. We will add you as a Brand Estonia Team member and that gives you access to all the components used in the design system for the duration of your project.
  3. In return we ask you to develop your project under our Figma Team, so that we could have an overview of all the innovative web solutions being built. This helps us continue improving the UI kit based on real-world examples.

If you want to try it out for fun, then you can duplicate these 3 Brand Estonia files to your drafts and connect it to your new personal project.

The general terms & conditions apply.


We are constantly improving and building our digital design system. Is there something missing? Do you have any suggestions? Please let us know, any feedback is truly appreciated!

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