Instead of a single logo we use wordmarks that link Estonia with a specific industry.

State organisations, services and companies use a logo.

  • Logos only use Aino Regular and Bold
  • When creating a logo symbol, keep in mind the overall principles of Brand Estonia

For using existing wordmarks or logos or creating new ones, contact us [email protected]


There are four versions of each wordmark

In a design, the wordmark is always placed in the upper right corner and its size is determined by the grid.

It is not necessary to use a wordmark if the name of the industry itself acts as a headline or a call-to action.

wordmarks and partner logos

The logo of the European Union is always placed in the bottom right corner. The sizing of the logo depends on the selected wordmark and the grid. The logos of the European Union can be downloaded here.

Partner logos are placed in the bottom right corner, always bordering the document margins. If the logo of the European Union is used as well, the size of partner logos is related to the height of the EU logo used in the layout.