Making Estonia better known is the cumulative effort of many people and different actions. It is achieved through trade shows, campaigns, print materials, conferences, services and products. In addition to industry wordmarks, Brand Estonia visual principles can be used to create marks (or logos) for organisations and sub-brands.

Here you’ll find examples of different use categories and finished designs, which offer inspiration and help solve problems which might arise when designing new logos or marks.

When creating a new logo or mark contact us at [email protected].

Country and industry wordmarks

Wordmarks create an association between Estonia and the chosen industry. The marks have a specific graphic shape and adhere to strict guidelines. Check out Brand Estonia wordmark guidelines and always use original files, newer construct wordmarks yourself.

brand estonia wordmark examples


Examples of how organisations involved in introducing Estonia have created a logo for their organisation with the help of the Estonian Design Team.

brand estonia logo examples



Campaign marks that have been created in collaboration between a specific organisation and the Estonian Design Team. These are used for a specific short or long-term campaign.

brand estonia logo examples brand estonia logo examples



Event logos are created for a specific event in a collaboration between the event organiser and Estonian Design Team.

brand estonia event logo examples


Products and services

Product and service marks have been created by the Design Team Estonia for specific products and services.

toodete ja teenuste logo näidised