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Brand Estonia graphics are clear and light. A simple style makes it easy to create new images, illustrations and icons. Instead of complex and colourful pictures, this style uses a single colour and airy, unattached lines. The lines can branch out and intertwine with each other like tree roots in the soil.


Here you can find some ready-made illustrations



Use icons as symbols to emphasise content. Full set of icons is available here


Animated icons

Here you can find some animated icons




Illustrations and icons are always created with a uniform background and line colour. No half-tones, transparency or gradation is to be used.


Line width on a screen is always 2 px, and it is uniform when printed. Using lines of different thickness is not allowed.


Straight horizontal and vertical lines always run along the pixel grid in order to ensure a clear image on paper and on screen.


Lines may branch out, but never blend in with other lines or themselves.


If two lines intersect, the rear line will be discontinued and later continued.


Perspective will be provided with a difference in the size of objects. Items that are located on the forefront appear larger than those that are farther away.


The objects themselves do not have perspective.


In the case of icons, remove all excessive details and if possible, limit yourself to horizontal or vertical lines when shaping the icon, or use a round shape derived from a circle.
It should be very clear what the icon depicts.


The space between parallel lines should be at least 2 px. The same applies to intersecting lines.


If it is possible, do not include people. It is recommended to use only data, services and places.


Do not use effects such as drop shadow, glow, vignette, colour transitions, etc.