E-Residency visual identity is based on the main principles, guidelines and toolbox contents of brand estonia. This guide defines a more specific visual identity suitable for the activities and target audience of e-Residency program. In the bottom of the page you can find download links with various brand assets, colour swatches, templates and print files.


E-Residency uses a narrower palette of colours from the brand estonia colour guide. The colour palette focus shifts from using only lots of strong blue to lots of white, gray and light blue as primary colours and bright colours for accents.

  • use varieties in blues and light grays for backgrounds
  • use bright accent colours in illustrations, typographic elements, gradients, graphs etc
  • the use of various opacities and intensities in given colour swatches is also allowed
e-residency identity colours

Layout / Typography

E-Residency layouts and typography principles align with brand estonia ones, but in essence, they follow a simple principle of ‘less is more’:

  • use generous space around the text to make the message/headlines more prominent (i.e. good copywriting is the key!)
  • contrast large titles/captions with small body text, use mostly ragged left alignment
  • use mainly Aino Headline and Aino Regular to give more lightness and air, use Aino Bold only in very small sizes
  • use plain colour backgrounds and try to avoid using text on images (except in social media posts and video titles)
e-residency identity layout and typography

Symbols and product logos

  • always use the (e-Residency) card shape as the main element of construction when generating sub-identities for specific campaigns, events or products
  • always keep the card proportions consistent (do not stretch or distort)
e-residency identity symbols and logo

Graphic elements and icons

  • use the card shape to frame photos
  • use simplified and more rectangular versions of boulders as graphic containers and as backgrounds
  • round / circular corners are essential for buttons
  • use a plus (+) sign as a pattern element to communicate benefits
  • use brand estonia icons always in rather small scale
e-residency identity graphic elements and icon


Presentations are based on the same layout and typography principles as shown previously in this document – lots of space around texts; large titles and headlines contrasting with smaller text.

  • use the simple page divisions of 1/2 and 1/3 (width of the page) to divide areas for texts and images
  • use colours to create backgrounds (1)
  • use colours to emphasize and differentiate bullet points (2)
  • use colours to highlight different sections of text (3)
  • use colours to illustrate, separate and contrast different values (4)
  • use colour gradients on images when suitable (1-3)
e-residency identity presentation

Social media

Social media headers also follow the same layout and typography principles as described before.

  • use large and smart copy text to draw attention
  • use the card image, illustrations and photography to give more context
  • use colours to emphasize contact point (web address)
e-residency identity social media
  • in instagram, use colour gradients over images to make the copy text stant out. try to keep headlines short and not extend more than two lines
  • use variation in typography to distinguish the voice between e-Residency and e-residents, for example when quoting them
  • reposts from e-residents should be left untreated
  • in videos, use also colour gradients or colour overlay to make the titles stand out
e-residency identity social media examples