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principles of visual language of Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (hereinafter “EAS”) uses the Brand Estonia design principles as its visual language, and the EAS logo is made with Aino typeface. Marketing materials are using the basic design elements of the Brand Estonia, such as typeface, layout, colours, and graphic elements.


EAS logo

Logo instructions

  • On a dark background, the logo is always white.

EAS logo tumedal taustal

  • On a white or very light background, the logo must be always single-coloured in any colour from the Brand Estonia colour palette.

EAS logo heledal taustal

  • When using the logo on photos, the same rules apply. Always white on a dark/multi-coloured background, and single-coloured on a light background.

EAS logo fotodel

  • Logo safe area and alignment.

EAS logo turvaala

  • The logo is always placed in the upper right corner of the EAS marketing and communication materials (documents, business cards, ads, etc.).

EAS turundus- ning kommunikatsioonimaterjalid

  • The placement of the logo on souvenirs (e.g. gift bags, notebooks, pens) and in spatial solutions (wall banners, illuminated signs to be attached to a building, etc.) depends on formats, the surroundings, and technical capabilities of production.

EAS meened

  • Graphic elements are used as windows for photos, and also as coloured backgrounds for highlighting or separating texts.

graafilised elemendid



EAS logo Paldiski

EAS logo Liivi

EAS logo Kuremaa

EAS logo Matsalu

EAS logo White