Brand Estonia helps to introduce Estonia and its different industries in a considered and unified manner both visually and content wise.

Using Brand Estonia’s unified principles and design language makes introducing Estonia more productive and cost-effective. For the same reason most developed countries from Sweden to New Zealand use a unified communication platform.

We try to offer a wide selection of ready-made materials for introducing Estonia, but in many cases a need may rise to create new materials in collaboration with a creative agency.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with Brand Estonia principles before commissioning a new project. This enables you to write better briefs and ask the right questions from the creative agency you are working with.

When to use Brand Estonia?
  • Creating materials that introduce Estonia and our industries to foreign partners or visitors.
  • For international events where the primary purpose is to introduce Estonia and our industries.
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  • Developing new visual identities for organisations or mixing up with other identities.
  • Creating materials representing a specific organisation or a company.
  • Internal communications within Estonia.

How to plan content and write texts according to Brand Estonia principles?

Consider if and to what extent you need help with planning content and creating messages and texts. Be sure to check if the messages you need already exist as Brand Estonia core messages or industry messages.

Plan content and messages based on facts.
  • In Estonia only 2 public services cannot be done online: marriage and divorce
  • 99% of prescriptions are digital
  • 1-2 min to declare taxes online
  • 96% of people declared their income electronically

Estonia is a digital society

Keep the message simple and clear. This helps to leave enough space in layouts around text and images making them easily readable and the content more effective.
Simple message draws attention


icon-small-x Too long message overcrowds the designs


When using the services of a professional copywriter, ask them to adhere to Brand Estonia core messages.

How to compile a brief?

Always use our template to write a brief

Procurement and Brand Estonia

Be sure to refer to relevant pages on our website when using Brand Estonia in a procurement.