A successful project starts with a clear and well prepared brief. Before commissioning a creative project from a partner make sure to collect all the relevant information into a shared location such as a Cloud-based solution (Dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Drive etc.). Follow the below tips for compiling a brief, when you are planning to use brand Estonia principles.


Make sure to write down the organisation you are representing.

Brand guidelines

Always include a link to brand.estonia.ee website.

Short introduction of the project

Give a brief overview of the project, such as what problem it is solving and what is the main purpose.


Target audience

Make it as detailed as possible – what is the target audience’s background, age groups, professions and other know features.

Usage and formats

Describe how and where you are planning to use the materials, such as certain events or web channels. Name all the necessary formats, for example – digital material / print / flyer / social media / video etc. When possible, add the exact needed measurements (A5, A4, online formats, screen size for videos etc). If you are not sure about the format, ask the partner to help you work this out.

Visual materials

If you already know some of the exact visuals you want the partner to use, add links to those photos/video clips/illustrations or other materials. Feel free to add brand.estonia.ee/toolbox links.

Content and texts

If you are requesting the partner to develop the content, explain the purpose as  clearly as possible, such as what message do you want to get across. In case you are creating the content and texts yourself, add this as a separate file. Make sure to let the partner know if you need proofreading or translating. Always hand over materials that are final and collect them info a Cloud platform or ZIP file.


Include all the files of the necessary logos in the same folder with other materials. Preferred formats are .AI or .SVG, also.PDF. Try avoid using .JPG or .PNG formats as these often have poor quality.


Include a link to the relevant wordmark in Toolbox. Also add the wordmark guideline: brand.estonia.ee/brand/juhendid/sonamargid.


Include any examples you have that illustrate a similar result you are hoping to achieve. Refer to the examples page or your own examples from other sources.


If you have a set budget for the project, let the partner know about your estimate budget.