Brand Estonia webpage has all the resources you need for creating new content and designs introducing Estonia. Under the guidelines section you’ll find instructions for copywriting, visual language, and our design principles, which can be used for creating materials in a wide selection of formats.

What to use Brand Estonia for?
  • Creating materials introducing Estonia and its industries to foreign partners or visitors.
  • Creative solutions for international events with the main goal of introducing Estonia and its industries.
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  • Creating new identities for organisations or mixing Brand Estonia with another visual identity, because Brand Estonia is a complete communication platform with a distinct purpose.
  • Creating materials representing a specific organisation or a company.
First time user

Most important information for creative agencies can be found under the guidelines section, which is divided into main design elements and formats. Design templates and design elements can be downloaded from the Toolbox.

See guidelines
Wordmark guidelines Tone of voice Design templates
Experienced user

We constantly update and add guidelines for different formats and use cases. Look for updated guidelines under the applications section.

See examples
Writing and design guidelines Types of logos and wordmarks Design templates

Some simple designs can be created by anyone. Under the guidelines you'll find our social media design tool, which can be used by anyone for creating quick designs.

Social media guide

How much text?

Remind the client that the messages introducing Estonia should be simple and clear. This helps to leave enough space in layouts around text and images making them easily readable and the content more effective.

If needed, we can consult the client on content planning. Contact us at [email protected]

Simple message draws attention

eesti brändi sisu koostamine

icon-small-x Too long message overcrowds the designs

eesti brändis ära tee nii