It’s what you say that counts. So make sure you always bring out the most important benefits that Estonia has to offer. And remember that every message needs proof. For this, a simple, personal story always works best.

Core messages

Core messages

These are the first and foremost things you can tell about Estonia. Pick any combination of them, depending on the target audience. Always use at least one of the core messages when introducing Estonia for the first time.

Independent minds

We always find a way.

A place for independent minds, Estonia favors thinkers with a can-do attitude. Anyone relentlessly pursuing their goals feels at home.

  • The easiest communication with the state
  • Degrees of separation are few
  • Everyone can live up to their potential
Clean environment

A clean environment. Both urban and rural.

Forests cover half of our territory and 22% of it is wildlife preserves. We like our home to be clean – one of the best air qualities in the world make Estonia a great place to visit or live.

  • 4th best urban air quality in the world
  • 25% of the country certified organic
  • Clean water to drink and to swim in
Digital society

We are a digital society.

People in Estonia can benefit from the most advanced digital society in the world. Simply put, less hassle means time well spent. Now, people outside of Estonia are offered a variety of state services through world’s first transnational digital identity – e-residency

  • 5 days saved each year by signing documents digitally
  • 3 minutes to file taxes
  • 3 hours to start a company
  • 18,000+ e-residents
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