These messages have been prepared in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EdTech Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research, and Estonian EdTech companies in the spring of 2024. A total of 8 sector-specific message packages have been created to support Estonian companies in exporting, EdTech being one of them.​

EdTech companies are companies that develop and provide technology-based solutions to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes within the education sector.


Educational excellence through digital innovation

Estonia is shaping the global education landscape by offering world-class EdTech solutions successfully implemented across the globe. 

We are innovators and strategic partners, committed to fostering trust and addressing educational challenges on a global scale. Our data driven EdTech solutions focus on real-life impact and cover every stage of life, our emphasis on security and futureproofing ensures enduring impact.  

As the most advanced digital country, we know how to cultivate educational excellence through innovation, leveraging our forward-thinking regulatory framework and pioneering new approaches to enhance education. This has led Estonia to the top of PISA charts in Europe and to consistently rank among the world’s best in education. 

Our experienced EdTech pioneers address real-life challenges through continuous collaboration with our world-class universities, teachers, students, and policymakers, ensuring that the human experience remains at the core of every decision.  

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the challenges facing education. Our know-how of integrating different systems and products, ensures adaptability across target markets – our EdTech solutions have been adapted in 195 countries. 

Supportive facts:

  • 20+ years of experience building digital educational solutions.
  • Estonian students rank first in PISA in Europe and global spot in digital learning and adopting the growth mindset.
  • Estonia’s EdTech solutions have reached 195 countries.
  • 98% of Estonian schools incorporate digital solutions into daily operations.

Tested solutions to real-world challenges 

We are experts at identifying and solving educational challenges through digital innovation.

98% of Estonian schools utilise digital solutions to tackle real-world challenges such as inequality of access, outdated curriculum, teacher shortage, and the need for personalised learning. 

Our EdTech solutions are thoroughly tested in the wild and are proving their usefulness day in day out. Estonian students have first place PISA ranking globally for digital learning and adopting the growth mindset, while teachers lead in academic expertise and flexibility.  

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, our digital advantages were key to reacting positively to the rules of social distancing. The use of e-services increased severalfold, supported by the expertise of our EdTechs. 

Locally tested, globally adapted

Our wide range of thoroughly tested EdTech solutions have been put to use across the globe. 

Developed by seasoned experts within the field, our EdTechs are trusted by institutions worldwide. Whether you’re a student, teacher, state official, or education enthusiast, we have something for you – from systems managing educational information to products offering learning content and services dedicated to supporting education. 

Estonian innovation in education has grown alongside our development as a digital nation, we have unique expertise how to incorporate technology into everyday educational tasks. 

The long-term experiences of our experts within the field make our EdTechs trusted by institutions worldwide. Estonia’s EdTech solutions can be found in over fifty countries across the globe, with a strong presence in the UK, the USA, and Kenya. 

Bespoke education nation 

Estonian EdTechs cater to every stage of life and foster inclusive education using emerging technologies. 

Our future-proof and secure EdTech solutions are uniquely crafted to meet personalised educational needs. 

The goal of our education system is every child’s well-being, enabling positive development alongside academic excellence. This will increasingly be achieved by leveraging emerging technologies like AI to make education more personalised and accessible. 

As a digital nation, we prioritize information security. Strict adherence to data protection rules, including GDPR, is the foundation of our solutions.