These messages have been prepared in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association and sector companies in the spring of 2024. A total of 8 sector-specific message packages have been created to support Estonian companies in exporting, wood industry being one of them.

Wood industry includes the export of a wide range of wood products.

Rooted in tradition, enhanced by innovation 

Forests are the foundation of Estonian identity; they are also the solution to global challenges. 

Forest isn’t just part of our landscape – it’s part of our identity. With over half of our land covered in forests, our wood sector is pulsating with tradition, innovation, and a Nordic spirit.  

We don’t just see wood as a building material, we see it as a key to solving global challenges. By replacing concrete with wood, it is possible to reduce carbon emissions by 40-77% depending on the building type. Wood is a fast-renewing natural resource – the amount of wood needed to build an average timber framed single-family house grows back in Estonian forests in just minutes.  

Estonia thrives at innovation, and our wood industry is no exception. Embracing modern technologies, we’ve revolutionized processes, from forest management to final product assembly. Estonian companies are rewriting the narrative of wood, transforming it into products with a Nordic design and strong added value, such as thermowood (Thermory), biomaterials (Fibenol), and architectural landmarks (Pelgulinna State Gymnasium).   

But our story isn’t just about products – it’s about partnerships. Whether you’re an architect seeking eco-friendly solutions or a developer looking to build smarter, let’s collaborate to create something extraordinary. Together, we can harness the power of wood to build a greener, more sustainable, and resilient world. 

Supportive facts
  • 51% of Estonia is covered by forests, we understand and value wood above all other materials.
  • #1 exporter of prefabricated wooden houses in Europe.
  • 3B € of yearly export value for the industry.
  • 16% of the added value created in Estonia is related to the forestry and wood sector.
Sector strengths
  • Our wood industry excels in navigating diverse market conditions and swiftly responding to evolving consumer needs.
  • Centuries of forestry traditions and 100+ years of higher education in the field ensures a deep understanding of sustainable forest management practices.
  • Fusing traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality wooden products.
  • Collaborative approach with industry stakeholders and R&D ensures effective solutions that prioritize innovation.

Grown into our identity, building our future 

51% of Estonia is covered by forests, our wood industry has the historical know-how needed to make the best use of it and to preserve it. 

Forests are part of our identity and heritage. Our forestry industry has vast knowledge and experience in handling and adding value to wood. As a building material, wood is superior for creating healthier and friendlier environments. It can be used for nearly all types of houses, but it takes years of engineering experience to construct the largest and most complex timber buildings (Pelgulinna State Gymnasium). Centuries of forestry tradition are ingrained in Estonian culture, and over 100 years of higher education in the field ensure a deep understanding of sustainable forest management practices. This knowledge has led us to become the biggest exporter of prefabricated wooden houses in the world. Nearly onefifth of all our trade consists of wooden products exports. 

Traditions smartified 

By embracing modern and efficient technologies, we introduce smart solutions and innovation into an otherwise traditional sector.

Estonia is known for its ICT prowess and the wood sector is also embracing the digital. A large range of processes are becoming more automated, allowing for flexibility, efficiency, and competitive pricing without cutting back on quality. We are increasingly able to refine wood and create value-added products such as thermowood (Thermory), biomaterials (Fibenol), modular buildings (Timbeco), and designer saunas (Iglucraft). Biochemistry is also a key focus area in the Estonian R&D, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy (2021-2035), highlighting our commitment to unlocking the full potential of wood. Estonia has become one of the front-runners in decarbonizing existing building stock through serial renovation using prefabricated panels.

Nordic by nature 

Trusted by partners and focused on high-quality design and sustainability. 

Nordic permeates every aspect of our wood sector, from product design to packaging, branding, and marketing. Estonian producers are highly regarded for their business culture, and the quality of our work and products. Commitment to excellence through design adds significant value to our offerings and distinguishes us in the global marketplace. Wood provides enduring solutions even in the most extreme climates, as demonstrated in the Nordics. By embracing the megatrend of renovation projects instead of just focusing on new developments, wood stands out as a sustainable and modern alternative.