Our audience

Free Independent Travellers

Whether we’re talking to people with a passion for nature, culture or food, each audience is united by the basic principles of the Free Independent Traveller. FIT tourism is better defined as a way of travelling. Instead of comprehensive travel packages for groups, FIT tourism is more personal and individual. Travellers design their own trips themselves, choose their own destinations and visits based on the information already they have. The attitude and characteristics of the independent traveller perfectly align with the independent spirit of the Estonian nation and our people, positioning us as an ideal destination for them to discover.

Girl by lake
Natural Nomads
Natural Nomads wander at will, eager to uncover the epic landscapes and stunning natural world that surrounds them, unearthing places at their own pace, learning from the experiences provided by nature and its inhabitants. The wilderness provides an antidote to – and escape from – their busy urban lives.
Natural Nomads have a strong desire to connect more with nature, but their busy lives can prevent this. They favour slow, immersive journeys through wild places and in search of health, wellbeing and themselves. They value authenticity, purity, time and space. They are early adopters, more willing to try new destinations. They are willing to pay a premium for passion-based experiences but often see Europe as prohibitively expensive.
Sitting on the Rooftop
Culture Scouts
Culture Scouts are driven by the desire for a deeper understanding of the cultures they visit. From a nation’s art, architecture, music and dance, to the hidden history, traditions and customs that permeate everyday life, they’re inspired and guided by locals who help them to unearth life’s unexpected moments – learning from them as they go. Their approach to travel can vary, from busy professionals in search of a fast culture fix, to those with the time to explore a nation’s roots – and their own.
Culture Scouts search for distinctive souvenir experiences, which often provide a sense of fulfilment or achievement. Dominated by well-travelled consumers, they are typically higher-earners willing to pay for experiences that are local and transformative, rather than traditional. They seek the unique and authentic, eager to develop their potential by participating in creative activities to understand local traditions
Grilling vegetables
Flavour Seekers
Flavour Seekers are tantalised by the taste of the landscape and touched by the purity and provenance of the delicious delicacies they search for. Through the flavours of the land, they experience feasts to remember. For them, dining is as much about understanding the ingredients, as it is about enjoying the meal, meaning foraging for mushrooms is as life affirming as five-star dining.
Flavour Seekers share interests linked with food, wine and other drinks while travelling. They perceive destinations in terms of their gastronomic flavours and offerings. They wish to experience or learn about new cultures through food, as well as using food as a way of relaxing, expanding perspectives and connecting with others. They crave a greater connection to the people behind their dishes; experiencing the journey of a plate from field and farm to table.