In the beginning was the word. Actually, three words: Nordic, surprising, smart. These are the essence of Estonia. These are what we want to be and to be known for. If we understand and present Estonia’s values and advantages in the same way, our voice is stronger and more convincing.

How do you relate to these values? Could they define your business or service? If your brand and Brand Estonia possess shared values, it’s much easier for you to make your brand noticed and heard. Take a closer look at what these values mean in the context of Brand Estonia.

“Show, don’t tell” is a proven storytelling technique. Brand Estonia is the story of Estonia. We can only convince others of our character through actions. What could we show to the world? We can show we have independent minds, that our nature is clean, and that we have the most advanced digital society in the world. Learn more what these messages convey.

Learn some Essential Estonian