This deck has been prepared in collaboration with Enterprise Estonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association, and leading Estonian defence companies in the spring of 2024.

A total of 8 sector specific message packages have been created to support Estonian companies in exporting, defence being one of them.​

Defence companies develop advanced technology-based solutions and innovative systems to address national and international security challenges. The defence sector is including, but not limited to, companies operating in Cyber Defence, Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Sensors, Communication Technologies, Surveillance, Electronics, Equipment, and Vehicle Maintenance. 

hub of agile, adaptive and advanced defence 

Estonia’s defence industry sets new standards for addressing modern security challenges through advanced innovation, agility, and international collaboration 

Estonia’s defence industry is agile and adaptive, ensuring a swift and effective response to evolving global threats. We supply a broad range of advanced defence solutions to help other nations enhance their defense capabilities.  

Estonia is ranked #1 in the EU for cybersecurity on the Global Cybersecurity Index and is home to the Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. We are the home base for the world’s largest international cyber exercises: Locked Shields and Crossed Swords. Through investments in technology and strategic partnerships, Estonia develops advanced cyber defense solutions (Cybers), robotics (Milrem Robotics), autonomous systems (DefSecIntel), sensors (ELSA Solutions), and communication technologies (Teleport) that aid battlefield superiority. 

Estonia’s defence industry operates within a private sector framework, benefiting from favourable business environment and efficient processes. This accelerates innovation and enables rapid adaptation to emerging defence needs.  

We pledge over 3% of our GDP to defence investment and work closely with NATO and other international partners as an active participant in the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). We are involved in joint exercises, defence planning, and cooperation within frameworks like the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDFECO) and the Baltic Defence Cooperation (BDC). We are also actively engaged in NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) to support NATO’s mission of maintaining technological superiority and enhancing collective defence capabilities. 

We are committed to supporting Ukraine in its defence against invasion. In addition to helping the people of Ukraine, this is also our contribution to global security and international order. We are not only preparing for potential scenarios of war but also building a safer, more secure environment to live in. 

Supportive facts
  • 2/3 of defence industry’s output exported, exponential year-on-year growth with strong international demand.
  • 3,21% of GDP defence investment commitment to NATO.
  • #1 in Global Cybersecurity index in the EU, we are home to Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, a globally leading institution in cybersecurity research and training.
  • 100% all Estonian defence companies are private, boasting a favorable business environment for international export with low taxes and efficient processes.
Sector strengths
  • Estonia’s defence sector benefits from a non-bureaucratic business environment and export control system, our growth is driven by a smart workforce and a high-level of competence.
  • Strong support and inclusion from the Ministry of Defence in research and development. The collaboration between the private and public sectors creates new business opportunities for the defence sector.
  • Year-on-year growth of industry output, with two-thirds of output being exported.
  • Estonia is a member of Member of the EU, NATO and DIANA. We are leading numerous development initiatives and actively developing new defence measures through European Defence Fund.
  • Estonia is one of Ukraine’s key supporters since 2022, providing war aid exceeding 1.4% of its GDP.

Backing Ukraine, safeguarding the world 

Standing up for international order and sovereignity. 

Estonia’s defence industry stands alongside Ukraine in its fight against Russian invasion, providing critical tools, technology, and expertise to bolster Ukraine’s defence capabilities and safeguard its sovereignty. This in turn gives us practical experience in the battlefield which guarantees the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. Estonia has been one of Ukraine’s key supporters since 2022, with war aid exceeding 1.4% of its GDP. We are also fully committed to NATO, allocating over 3% of our GDP to defense investment. This support not only helps Ukraine but also contributes to global security.  

One-stop shop for advanced defence  

Estonia’s defence industry offers proven competence and innovative capabilities. 

With expertise in manufacturing and innovation, Estonia stands ready to serve diverse defence needs efficiently and effectively. Our defence industry offers advanced cyber defence solutions (Cybers), robotics (Milrem Robotics), and autonomous systems (RAS) (DefSecIntel), sensors (ELSA Solutions), communication and surveillance technologies (Teleport OÜ), electronics (Skeleton Technologies), individual equipment (Galvi-Linda), vehicle maintenance (Defence Forces Logistic Centre), and sustainability services (Green Marine). Our compact size makes us flexible and enables us to offer complex services. Estonia’s commitment to advanced defence technology is supported by R&D funding backed by the Ministry of Defence. 

Trusted partners, reliable defence 

Estonia’s defence industry is synonymous with trust and reliability. 

A proven track record of high-quality output, our commitment to transparency (NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence CCDCOE) and collaboration (Estonian Defence Industry Association EDIA) ensure that we deliver on our promises. Through proactive measures and strategic partnerships (Baltic Defence Co-operation), Estonia promotes resilience both at home and abroad. Internationally, we are leading numerous development initiatives and are actively enhancing new defence measures through the European Defence Fund. For example, the iMUGS  (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) project, SDMMS (Development of Digital Military Mobility System) by Cybernetica; EUROGUARD (MSASV – Medium-Sized Semi-Autonomous Surface Vehicle) led by Baltic Workboats; AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Deployable Agent) lead by Foundation CR14. Domestically, effective and seamless collaboration between the private and public sectors creates new business opportunities for our defence industry.