Time is precious. We help travellers to make the most of it, through meaningful experiences that power deeper connections with our people and our places.

This page helps you to introduce and promote Estonia as a travel destionation through powerful storytelling. Let it be your guide.

Brand essence

It’s about time.

Brand positioning

Estonia is the independent nation for independent minds. It’s for those wanting to travel at their own pace and those who seek to experience a deeper, more sustainable connection with the country they encounter. Because in Estonia, no matter your schedule, you’ll have all the time in the world. Natural escapes are moments from anywhere. Authentic culture lives in the streets, not the history books. World-class dining can last a day. Sustainable travel is a timeless tradition, not a trend. Thanks to our compact size and effortless accessibility, Estonia tailors its time to the traveller, meaning you can better connect to our nation’s roots – and your own.

Brand manifesto

From its long summer nights and surprising fifth season, to its distinct blend of Baltic, Nordic, Europe and the East, Estonia is a mystery to many. A unique and timeless place with a many-layered history. Whether here for a weekend or weeks, travel pioneers will always have the time for remarkable and responsible experiences. And inspired by our independent spirit, these independent minds can explore without limits, trying things at their own tempo.

From meticulously maintained medieval architecture to avidly advocated sustainable technology, Estonia’s timelessness is its uniqueness. And from a high-speed weekend to a week-long adventure, even the most seasoned culture seekers will discover something unexpected.

Hear the echoes of bygone eras rippple through the regeneration of once lost buildings. Sense the never-ending pulse of progress in Telliskivi Creative City. Move to the rhythm of the nation, through stirring song and dance. Take a slow, sustainable food journey through the tastes of tomorrow. Witness the years that led to independence come alive through Tallinn’s progressive urban artists. Discover social influencers that are centuries old. Find everything moves slowly, except for the WiFi.

Each street and each meeting gives you moments that last a lifetime. Every minute brings you new inspirations, new incentives to cherish old ways and new reasons to look ahead to a flourishing future.

Visit Estonia. It’s about time