We talk about Estonia’s culture-based travel experiences to an audience of Culture Scouts. From a nation’s art, architecture, music and dance, to the hidden history, traditions and customs that permeate everyday life, they’re inspired by locals and life’s unexpected moments.

Brand essence

It’s about time

Experience positioning

Estonia is the authentic choice for the Culture Scout. It’s for those wanting to experience culture at their own pace and those who want to experience a deeper connection with the history, traditions and local life they discover.

Because in Estonia, no matter your schedule, you’ll have all the time in the world; Manor houses and micro-breweries lie moments apart. Past and future collide down a single city street. Everything moves slowly, except for the WiFi.

Thanks to our compact size and effortless accessibility, Estonia tailors its time to the traveller, meaning you can better connect to our nation’s roots – and your own.

Experience promise

Through our compact size and effortless accessibility, we commit to enabling Culture Scouts to make the most of their time when discovering our local life. This promise ensures we deliver experiences that provide a deeper connection to our people and our places.

Experience values
Fired up by Estonian culture.
Fired up
Experience voice
To provide a call to action to curious Culture Scouts.
Active verbs
To generate energy and surprise in sentences.
Staccato rhythms


Estonia is a nation built by centuries of change and influence. It’s Baltic meets Nordic. It’s Europe meets the East. It’s medieval architecture and future technology. The timelessness is its uniqueness. From a high-speed weekend to a week-long adventure, even the most seasoned culture seekers will discover something unexpected.

Hear the echoes of bygone eras resonate through iconic Soviet buildings. Sense the never-ending pulse of progress in Telliskivi Creative City. Move to the tempo of the nation, through stirring song and dance. Witness the years that led to independence come alive through Tallinn’s urban artists. Discover social influencers that are centuries old. Find everything moves slowly, except for the WiFi.

Each street and each meeting gives you moments that last a lifetime. Every minute brings you new inspiration. Visit Estonia. It’s about time.

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