We talk about Estonia’s nature-based travel experiences to an audience of Natural Nomads. With busy lives, they favour slow, immersive journeys through wild places and in search of health, wellbeing and themselves. They value authenticity, purity, time and space.

Natural Nomads
Natural Nomads wander at will, eager to uncover the epic landscapes and stunning natural world that surrounds them, unearthing places at their own pace, learning from the experiences provided by nature and its inhabitants. The wilderness provides an antidote to – and escape from – their busy urban lives.

Experience positioning

Estonia is the natural choice for the Natural Nomad. It’s for those wanting to discover nature at their own pace and those who seek to experience a deeper connection with the landscapes, local life and wildlife they encounter.

Because in Estonia, no matter your schedule, you’ll have all the time in the world; Off-the-beaten-path is only 15 minutes away. Summer sunsets can last a lifetime. With so much to see, there’s an extra season to see it.

Thanks to our compact size and effortless accessibility, Estonia tailors its time to the traveller, meaning you can better connect to our natural roots – and your own.


Estonia is a country where natural wonders are never more than minutes away. Travellers can catch a few precious hours of reflection or lose all sense of time on a journey that lasts a lifetime.

Voyages around our 2,222 islands are measured by the ebb and flow of tides. The virgin forests that cover over half our country seem to have their own time zone. Our morning alarm call is a symphony of birdsong. Our bears and wolves hark back to primal days. Taking a deep breath in some of the cleanest air in the world will wipe away years of cares. And our summer sunsets go on forever.

But the wonder you’ll feel most is for the change that slowly happens within. Your mind clears, you soul stirs, and your heart begins to beat to the rhythm of nature.

Visit Estonia. It’s about time.

Morning Bog Lake