We talk about Estonia’s food-based travel experiences to an audience of Flavour Seekers. For them, dining is as much about understanding the ingredients, as it is about enjoying the meal, meaning foraging for mushrooms is as life affirming as five-star dining.

Brand essence

It’s about time

Experience positioning

Estonia is the insatiable choice for the Flavour Seeker. It’s for those wanting to experience food at their own pace and those who want to experience a deeper connection with the restaurants, recipes and ingredients they discover.

Because in Estonia, no matter your schedule, you’ll have all the time in the world; Centuries of influence slowly simmer together. Foraging for mushrooms means getting lost in the moment. Fine dining can last a day, and fast food comes as fast as it grows.

Thanks to our compact size and effortless accessibility, Estonia tailors its time to the traveller, meaning you can better connect to our food – and your own.

Experience promise

Through our compact size and effortless accessibility, we commit to enabling Flavour Seekers to make the most of their time when discovering our food. This promise ensures we deliver experiences that provide a deeper connection to our people and our places.

Experience values
Spellbound by Estonian food.
Spell bound
Experience voice
To describe food discovery through the senses.
Evocative sensations
To emphasise a close relationship with food.
Intimate details


Estonia slowly simmers with culinary styles and stories. Gastro travellers are enchanted by the unexpected mix of generations-old traditions and up-to-the-minute innovations. Here, fine dining can last a day and fast food comes as fast as it grows. It’s this complexity that compels visitors to take quality time to sip, savour and seek knowledge behind the scenes.

Steaming black rye bread served hot from the oven can evoke 7,000 years of history. A leisurely eleven-course Nordic menu can take a half a day to devour. Hours can slip away while scouring the forest floor for the yellow caps of chantarelle mushrooms. A secret restaurant reached only by river is an experience worth waiting for.

Time after time, our culinary culture will inspire obsession in food lovers. When it comes to following your passion, there is no clock-watching.

Visit Estonia. It’s about time.

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