Koostöös EASi Work in Estonia programmi tiimiga oleme välja töötanud sõnumid, millega meelitada Eestisse tippspetsialiste. Vajadusel kombineeri neid vastavalt sihtturule.


Do you get excited about technology and innovation?

Welcome to the most advanced digital society in the world. In a country where 99% of public services are online, and everything can be signed digitally, technology is embedded in the culture.

Want to move fast with your career?

Estonians value straightforward communication and no workplace hierarchy. One gets judged by their skills, so it is not unusual for young people to lead teams or entire companies.

Have you found the perfect work-life balance yet?

Short commute times and flexible working hours let you enjoy your free time to the fullest. Foreign talents also get to experience clean air, abundant nature and one of the safest cities in Europe.


#1 digital society

Estonia is the most advanced digital society in the world, where technology is embedded in the culture. No wonder it is also the start-up nation of Europe. If innovation excites you, this is the place to be.

career boost

Things happen quickly in Estonia. Here ideas are more important than age, and skills are valued over small-talk. Make new connections in a heartbeat, get promoted in no time. Buckle up and be ready for lift-off.

great work-life balance

All work and no play makes you dull. Full stop. In Estonia, flexible working hours and short commute times come as standard. Use the free time for hobbies, spend it with friends & family or just do nothing at all.

clean environment

Want to escape noise and congestion? Estonia quietly captivates you with clean city air, low population density and abundant nature. Make no excuse to stay in – it’s only 30 minutes from desk to trail.

stable & safe

Estonians might seem hard to approach, with their nordic ways bordering on boring. Rest assured, they open up soon. And thanks to the low corruption and crime rate, a sauna is the only place you’ll ever sweat in.