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These core messages are the first things you can say about Estonia. Pick any combination of them depending on the target audience. Always use at least one of the core messages when introducing Estonia for the first time.

Digital society

Estonia is the first country to function as a digital service. Our citizens and e-residents can get things done fast and efficiently. A number of world-renowned technology companies were born in Estonia and the nation boasts more thriving start-up companies per capita than anywhere else in Europe.

  • The first country in the world to offer e-residency
  • The first country in the world to vote online
  • Three minutes to file your taxes
  • Most entrepreneurial country in Europe

Independent minds

Estonia’s biggest asset is our people. Many of them have done significant things. Some are world famous and others known only to a few. What matters is that all of them have used their minds independently and brought their vision to life.

  • Best education in Europe
  • Our society is not hierarchical
  • Everyone can live up to their potential
  • Easy and straightforward communication with the state

Clean environment

Estonia has a lot of untouched nature and a low population density. This is very rare in today’s world. We know how to care for our environment and we are proud of it.

  • We hold fourth place in urban air quality in the world
  • 51% of Estonian territory is forestland
  • 21% of our farmland is organic
  • 23% of our country is wildlife preserves
  • From any point, the nearest marsh is always less than 10 km away.

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