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These industry messages have been created based on the three core messages of Estonia – digital society, clean environment, independent minds – and the specific needs of different sectors focusing on their main strengths. The messages have beed developed in collaboration with the industry representatives.


defence industry

Estonia. Armed for Innovation.

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Run your business without borders

Wordmark ‘enter e-estonia’


electronics industry

Estonian Electronics Industry – Nordic. Efficient. Innovative.

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engineering industry

Estonia. Producing Excellence.

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fintech industry

Join the Estonian Fintech (R)evolution.

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food industry

for Asian market – Fresh Air. Clean Water. Pure Nordic.
for EU market – Fresh Air. Clean Water. Pure Food.

Wordmark ‘taste estonia’

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invest in estonia

Northern Europe’s Hub for Knowledge And Digital Business.

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maritime industry

Estonia. Sea smart.

Wordmark ‘trade estonia’


medical industry

Estonia. Where Bright Ideas Meet a Can Do Spirit.

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organic estonia

Estonia. Organically Innovative.

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recreational craft industry

Taking Traditions to New Horizons.

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smart city

Estonia. Hometown of Innovation.

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smart industry

Digital Society = Smart Industry

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telecommunication industry

Estonia. Where Bright Ideas Meet a Can Do Spirit.

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transport and logistics

Estonia. Your logi(sti)cal choice.

Sõnamärk ‘trade estonia’


wood industry

Traditional Values, Smart Technologies.

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work in estonia

Do you get excited about technology and innovation? Welcome to the most advanced digital society in the world. In a country where 99% of public services are online, and everything can be signed digitally, technology is embedded in the culture.

Want to move fast with your career? Estonians value straightforward communication and no workplace hierarchy. One gets judged by their skills, so it is not unusual for young people to lead teams or entire companies.

Have you found the perfect work-life balance yet? Short commute times and flexible working hours let you enjoy your free time to the fullest. Foreign talents also get to experience clean air, abundant nature and one of the safest cities in Europe.

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