Brand Estonia’s Terms and Conditions

Enterprise Estonia (hereinafter referred to as EAS) offers through the webpage ready-made materials, which introduce Estonia and which contain the typeface Aino, a photo and video library, infographics, icons, presentations and other creations.

EAS gives the right to use Brand Estonia’s materials if you follow the terms and conditions of use. If you can’t determine, whether the usage is in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, send an e-mail to the following address:

For what can Brand Estonia’s materials be used

The materials are used to introduce the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian society or different fields of the Estonian economy.

The users of these materials are the public sector bodies of the Republic of Estonia, private persons, companies registered in Estonia or abroad that introduce the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian society or different fields of the Estonian society in Estonia and abroad.

Production of souvenirs, is allowed only if you confirm the designs and products with

For what can Brand Estonia’s materials not be used

In advertising campaigns and marketing activities that are directed to sell a certain product or service in Estonia. It’s forbidden to use Brand Estonia’s materials on the web pages, prints, television advertisements and other promotional materials of individuals, businesses or third sector organizations in order to promote sales of a certain product or service.

If the product or service is not of Estonian origin or which lacks exposure to Estonia.

Adding materials to the photo or video library or to e-services for which the material usage and downloading takes place in an environment offered by a third person.

The typeface Aino and other Brand Estonia’s materials can not be used in the designation or word marks (including being registered as a trade mark or as an industrial design) of a product or a service.

It’s forbidden to change the materials in a way which knowingly damages Brand Estonia’s conception and wholeness. Also in a way that disparages Estonian businesses, society, products and services.

Use in a way that is not appropriate to the people and nature depicted on the materials.

Which copyrights accompany Brand Estonia’s materials

All copyrights or licenses of Brand Estonia’s materials belong to EAS. EAS gives users the right to use free materials for an unspecified term on the basis of a non-exclusive license.

The user can not grant the rights to give out sublicenses or sell materials on the basis of the received license. It is also forbidden to create databases using Brand Estonia’s materials.

Should you wish to give the materials for use to third persons, then such materials must be downloaded solely through the webpage. Making the materials available for the general public in databases, FTP-servers, cloud services etc. is forbidden.

Each download or actual usage of Brand Estonia’s materials is accompanied by a license.

When publishing a photo or a video, the author’s name (for example Author of the photo/video first name and surname) must be noted if possible. When publishing the typeface Aino, the user  must include the name of the author of the typeface by referring ,,The typeface created by Anton Koovit“.

EAS may, at any given moment, cancel the license, sending a notification containing such information to the user. If EAS has brought to attention that the user breaches Brand Estonia’s materials’ conditions of use and the user does not terminate the infringing activity, EAS has the right to demand that the user would stop using Brand Estonia’s materials and in addition, a contractual penalty of up to 2000 EUR for every infringement.

EAS has the right to change the license conditions at their own discretion. EAS may also change Brand Estonia’s materials or cease making their materials accessible to the public.