In our nature, the giant erratic boulders appear unexpectedly in the forest or on the beach. In our visual communication, they play a similar, disruptive or decorative role. Please remember that the use of boulders is not compulsory nor are the shapes limited. Rather consider it as an idea to build on and to create your own shapes and forms. Boulders are available for download from the downloads page.

Boulders can be used:

  • as an image container or picture-framing device
  • as an element to draw attention or emphasize
  • as something to obstruct or raise curiosity
  • as a playful element to create abstract illustrations or patterns
  • for creating spatial installations
  • for social campaigns and activities

How to

use boulders to create illustrations or add disruptive elements to layouts

use boulders as image containers

use boulders as a vector


use boulders as a gradient vector


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