One picture is worth a thousand words. And that’s why we see our photo language as one of the most important visual elements. It needs to be on brand. Here are a few pointers to keep you on the right path.



  • as in assembly and wide networks.
  • as in ethereal and open.
  • as in transparent and egalitarian.
  • as in circulation and distribution – like with WiFi.
  • clouds are sparse, as is rain.
  • as in mystical, foggy forest; as in ambiguous and exciting, creating curiosity.
  • as in foggy, like unknown, everything in-between, as in discovery – being the pioneers of digital society makes us innovators.


We create curiosity and invite people to discover. We’re close by.


Make sure to take nature photos that showcase mist and/or clouds.

If the conditions do not allow that, make sure to put forward pictures that showcase multiple elements, some of which always out of focus in the back or foreground.



diversity and contrast

  • as in our four voluptuous seasons.
  • as in our vibrant and multicultural history.
  • as in our unique language, rich in loan words.
  • as in layers, transitions between different cultures and natural environments; as in a place in-between (east and west; nordic rustic, etc).
  • as in the contrasts between different forces and influences (big/small; sea/land; etc)


nature/technology, snow/soil, water/land, eastern europe/nordic, traditional/modern, digital/natural, typical/weird, boulders/fog


Creating visual friction, standing out, being memorable, dynamic and always changing, closely related to our environment.




If possible, always use natural lighting while filming or taking photos. If not, use artificial lighting unobtrusively. Plan the sessions into early mornings and late evenings, into the golden hour, for the sun to be low on the horizon and the light more beautiful. If the weather is against your plans to get foggy/cloudy pictures, get sun flare into the frame.


Avoid frames that are too colourful. Prefer desaturated colours and natural tones. Keep skintones natural. Using a single tonality for photos and videos is off brand, as diversity needs to be showcased in every aspect, including the colours.


Don’t use strong filters. If it helps the picture in terms of content, use it in a way that the filter won’t dominate over it. Clear contrast means a clearer picture.


Always zoom out. Leave room fort ext on the sides. Take both landscape and portrait format of the pictures and don’t forget about the details which are essential for storytelling. Be experimental with edgy concepts.



  • as in something that can exist or happen only here.
  • as in different from other countries.
  • as in confident, true and forward-thinking.
  • as in staying true to our traditions.
  • as in fresh look at ourselves.


Independent minds, real companies, authentic places, food, architecture, local design, culture ambassadors, boulders and bogs


relevant, unique & ownable identity

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